Personal fundraising

KINOE’s supporters have run their own fundraising activities, including

Exhibition of photographs of India

On 31st March 2009, Giulia Fresia, a young Italian anthropologist, put on an exhibition of photographs she and three colleagues had taken in India. The exhibition, ‘Imagini Dall’India’, was held in the Palazzo Cavour in Turin, and the proceeds from the sale of photos was donated to KINOE. Pictures by Giulia, Davide Bozzalla, Andrea Guermani and Guido Salvini brought to life the magic of India, its history, culture and beauty. In March 2010, Giulia had a book of her photographs published, and held a launch in London’s Whitechapel Gallery. Again, Giulia donated the proceeds to KINOE, making over £6,000. This funded a supplementary educational centre in Mumbai for 18 months.

Epic Cycle Ride

In 2008, David Pickles completed an epic cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats in an unbelievable time of 73 hours, raising over £6,000 for KINOE.

Not sending Xmas cards

A number of KINOE personal and coporate supporters have very kindly donated to KINOE instead of sending out Christmas cards to friends and clients.

The Sound of Mumbai

Young film maker Sarah McCarthy filmed the making of a production of the Sound of Music performed by disadvantaged children in Mumbai. She held screenings of the film and has donated the proceeds.

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