About Us

Founded in 1996 by Amanda Faber, KINOE is a UK registered charity that supports the education of some of the poorest children in India and Nepal.

KINOE works by supporting innovative organisations in these countries that share our values to educate children without prejudice of economic background or caste. With our help, children receive a free, consistent, quality education that their poverty may otherwise have denied them. They follow the local national curriculum with a focus on Maths and English. But it’s not just about giving them the basics. Children in KINOE funded schools and centres enjoy art classes and sports, raising their self esteem and social awareness. The majority of our children are going on to higher education and full time employment, despite the fact that many were the first in their families to go to school at all.

KINOE believe that money spent on education is more effective at lifting people out of poverty than any other form of aid. We educate children whose families live in appalling conditions, enabling them to rise above their circumstances and live more comfortable, empowered lives.

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