Your school can help us

KINOE can make connections between school children in India and in the UK

KINOE is keen to talk to UK schools about the projects we support in India and Nepal to help educate deprived children. More information, aimed at teachers, is available here.

Schools which have supported KINOE

Putney High School selected KINOE as one of its Charities of the Year for 2010 and raised over £2000.

Also in 2010, Channing School, Highgate and Finton House School, Wandsworth hosted festivals of Indian art and dance, and held sales of artworks produced by pupils at schools in Mumbai and Pune that KINOE supports.

In 2012, Channing School hosted a wine-tasting quiz for parents and KINOE supporters, which raised over £6,000. In December 2012, Channing School Choir performed in a carol concert at St George’s, Hanover Square, to raise over £3,000 to help educate children living in poverty in India and Nepal.

If you are interested in helping KINOE through your school, please contact us.