Success at Lo Kunphen School

Rinzin was one of the first batch of 15 students when Lo Kunphen opened in 2000 and has passed the school leavers’ certificate – the first from the school to do so.

As a young woman in a male-dominated society, this is a significant success. From the beginning, she was a dedicated student with great ability and a real desire to become an amchi and serve her people. She has had the opportunity to participate in amchi conferences in Kathmandu, interacting with international experienced amchis (practitioners of traditional Tibetan medicine) and impressing them with her enthusiasm. She has also helped an American researcher from Dartmouth University in the USA with compiling data on herbal medicine. Rinzin is now working as a teacher at Lo Kunphen, helping the children to begin their educational journeys, as well as treating people in the local community.
Rinzin says: “I want to serve the local people as much as possible”.