Home for trafficked girls

KINOE supports a project called ABC Nepal in Kathmandu that rescues, repatriates and rehabilitates trafficked women and children.

In Nepal, every year between five and seven thousand girls are trafficked to India and other parts of the world. ABC Nepal aims to help trafficked women by offering them non-formal and formal education and vocational training so that they can become self-supporting through employment. ABC also conducts a women’s leadership programme and teaches awareness of the problem of trafficking in schools and on campuses. ABC lobbies governments and co-ordinates with Indian counterpart organisations to discuss repatriation and re-integration.

To date, ABC has supported over 1,500 victims and provides follow-up care and counselling after the girls have left the ABC residential centre. Many of the girls have medical and psychological problems after their experience of trafficking and ABC employs specialist staff to treat them. Their families or guardians also need counselling, because some families want to reject girls who have been trafficked. Thanks to the project, five hundred survivors of trafficking have been successfully integrated back into their families and communities. Skills development is an important part of empowering the girls, so they can support themselves without recourse to prostitution. Many have started their own businesses once they have returned to their communities.

ABC Nepal has succeeded because it has supported the girls through psychological counselling, leadership training, developing skills and seed money support.

ABC Nepal continues to lobby the government and raise awareness of the dangers of trafficking and violence against women.

For further information, please see www.abcnepal.org.n