Boarding school in Kathmandu

KINOE sponsors eight children at The Sapta Gandaki Boarding School in Kathmandu.

The school was set up in 1994 to provide children from all backgrounds with high-quality education in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Without KINOE’s help, these children would be condemned to a harsh life. Child labour is widespread in Kathmandu, in factories or as domestic help, often under exploitative conditions. Many of the parents are illiterate. With a good education, these children have a chance of better jobs, which may benefit the whole family, since it is normal in Nepal for young people with jobs to help their parents and younger siblings, if needed.

Sponsoring a child at the Sapta Gandaki School costs £150 per year. Or it’s possible just to contribute towards books, food and maintenance. Please contact us if you would like to donate.

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