The Supplementary Educational Centres

These centres run additional classes for two and a half hours each day, for children who go to state schools, where the teaching is inadequate. In structured, safe surroundings they can develop both the self-esteem and the ambition to change their lives.

Alumni from the centres have now achieved places at college and gone on to find good jobs.

Each centre:

  • Accommodates up to 60 children
  • Uses offices or schoolrooms out of hours, rent-free
  • Teaches children using innovative, fun and practical teaching methods
  • Employs qualified teachers
  • Uses volunteers to assist paid teachers and staff
  • Supports children in the formal school system, throughout their school career.

The centres are places to learn, play, create and experience the joys of childhood, away from the dangers of street life.

The cost of an education

A small amount goes a long way. It costs less than £10 a month for one child to attend a centre – just over £100 a year.

If you would like to help support a supplementary educational centre, please visit the donate page.