Schools supported by Kinoe

The schools project that KINOE supports aims to establish a group of high-performing English medium schools for children from some of the poorest slum communities in Pune and Mumbai.

To date, nine of these schools have been set up, in collaboration with the municipal authorities and with funding from charitable trusts.

To achieve this vision, the project is:

  • Educating some of the poorest children
  • Recruiting high-quality school heads and teachers
  • Creating schools that focus on child-centred learning and character development
  • Devising professional development programmes to develop and retain teachers
  • Avoiding high capital expenditure by using existing school buildings
  • Matching government expenditure per pupil


The cost of an education

The annual cost per child at one of the schools KINOE supports is £330.
If you would like to help, please contact us or visit the donate page.