History and Background

Out of every 100 children born in India today, 11 will never go to school.

Out of 100 children born in India today, 59 births are not registered, 25 are not immunised against any disease, 14 will have no access to clean drinking water, 47 will suffer from malnutrition and 11 will never go to school.  The literacy rate in India is still just 61%, and 7.5 million children do not go to school.  Of the pupils who do, only 52% stay in school until they are 10 years old, and only 10% stay until they are 15 years old.  In the government schools 25% of teachers do not show up for work.  It is an examination driven system with large class sizes and an emphasis on rote learning.

The Indian slum communities

An estimated 7 million people live in the slum and street communities of Mumbai and around 2.5 million of them are children. Large families often live in one-roomed shacks with no sanitation, electricity or water supply. Families that have been re-housed live in bleak tower blocks, in densely populated areas with few opportunities for employment and insufficient school places. Many children cannot go to school because their parents need them to work, or beg, or stay at home to do chores while the parents work. Substance abuse and violence are very common.

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